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Looking for forklifts in Haywards Heath? We’re here to help.

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Whether you are in the food industry, run a warehouse based business or other types of industry, a forklift is often a vital part of your business equipment. If that forklift breaks down, isn’t running well or needs to be replaced, you want to deal with a local company who offer forklifts in Haywards Heath – and that company is Mid Sussex Forklifts.

Local forklift experts

The company was founded in 1995 when Pete decided to use his experience with forklifts to help local businesses to keep their operations running smoothly. Now with over 35 years’ experience working with forklifts, Pete has helped countless companies in the Sussex area to get the forklifts they need. Mid Sussex Forklifts supply new and used models from top manufacturers such as Nissan and Toyota as well as a full range of different styles of forklift.

In addition to offering new and used forklifts, the company also offer leasing. This means your company can get the forklift that it needs without paying out the large cost of buying one. Many customers have theirs on long term leases but there are also short term lease options for a specific job your company is doing.

Repairs and maintenance

Owning a forklift is like owning a car or van – it needs maintenance to run smoothly and repairs if something goes wrong. The company offers this to clients across the county including a 24 hour emergency repair service.

As well as supply the forklifts, the company can also train your staff in their use. It is a legal requirement to train staff who use forklifts and the company’s accredited training courses ensure they are taught all the basics and much more to increase safe use.


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