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Maximal Forklifts Hire or Lease in Sussex




When your business needs a forklift, often the option of buying one isn’t your first choice.  This type of equipment can be costly to buy and if you are unsure about the long-term need for it, this isn’t ideal.  


However, forklift leasing in Sussex allows you to access the forklifts you need without that large upfront cost and this is what Mid Sussex Forklifts offers for our customers.

Why lease a forklift?
There are lots of solid reasons to consider leasing a forklift as opposed to buying one.  For starters, there is less of an upfront cost involved in leasing versus purchasing.  This means your business can get the use of the forklift without needing to raise the entire purchase price.  Ideal for business growth but also for that balance sheet!

Leasing has another advantage over buying – you can take the lease over a period that works for the business then return it at the end.  You don’t need to worry about selling it and trying to recoup purchase costs, you simply return it to us at the end of the agreement. Alternatively renew it for another period if you still need it.

Range of forklifts available
We pride ourselves on offering what you need, not just what we have.  We want to pair you with the perfect forklift for the jobs you require and are happy to help you find out what this is if you are unsure.  


Many of our customers lease the forklifts for the long term, making it easier to manage monthly costs.  And should you decide you want to purchase one, new or used, we can also help you with that.


  • Forklift Hire and Leasing in Sussex
  • Range of forklifts available
  • Leasing available for different terms
  • Avoid buying a forklift
    Get to use one for a set period

  • Buy new and used forklifts too


Do you need a forklift for your business but aren’t in the position to buy one outright?

Maybe you only need it for a short term project?  Whatever the case, Mid Sussex Forklifts can help with quality forklift hire in Sussex and Kent to help you get the equipment you need, without the cost of buying it.


Extensive range of forklifts to hire
We have an extensive range of forklifts to hire including some from big name brands such as Nissan and Toyota.  If you are unsure what is the best forklift for the tasks you are planning, we can help you carry out an assessment and give tips to help you decide.  And remember, with leasing if you find you need a bigger or smaller forklift, we can look at amending the lease to accommodate this.

If you do decide that using a forklift is a long-term job and you want to invest in one, we can also help with this.  We have new and used forklifts available with the second-hand ones being renovated by us to ensure they are to the highest standard.

Maintenance services
As well as supply and hire of forklifts, we also repair them and offer maintenance services.  Like any other vehicle, a forklift is best when regularly maintained and if something does go wrong, we have a 24 hour emergency repairs service to help.

We can even train your staff in the use of forklifts to ensure they meet the legal requirement for their use. In fact our accredited courses teach more than the legal minimum and help reduce the chances of accidents or injuries while operating forklifts.


  • Extensive range of forklifts for hire
  • Short and long term hire periods
  • New and used forklifts also for sale
  • Repairs and maintenance services
  • Training for staff using forklifts
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