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Li-Ion Gas and Diesel Forklifts




When you are in business, there is always the requirement to balance the needs of the business with the cash flow.  This is particularly important when it comes to making a big purchase like a forklift.  And that’s why Mid Sussex Forklifts offer secondhand forklifts to our customers around Sussex to help you get the equipment you need without as large an outlay.


Quality secondhand forklifts
We are confident in the quality of the forklifts that we offer for sale as secondhand because we are the ones to do the checks on them.  We have a series of safety and quality checks that every forklift goes through before we consider it for sale.  And because we also offer repairs and maintenance, we can fix any problems ourselves to ensure the standards are the highest.

Once the forklift has gone through our rigorous checks, it is then moved to the warehouse for sale.  This means you can visit us and take a look at the different models, the condition of the forklift and chat about what you need it for if you are unsure which one would be best.

New models and leasing

As well as the secondhand models we stock, we also supply new forklifts if you are looking to purchase a brand new one.  We have models from ranges such as Nissan and Toyota in various different configurations.  And if you want a new forklift but aren’t in a position to buy it outright, we also have models available for leasing.  Many of our customers have long-term leasing options on their forklifts to cut down on the expense of owning then selling equipment and its natural depreciation.

  • Used Forklifts for Sale

  • Range of secondhand forklifts available

  • 20-30 forklifts in the warehouse

  • Extensive safety and quality checks used

  • All forklifts checked over by us
    Leasing also available

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