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Forklift Servicing



Forklifts are just like any other vehicle – they need regular maintenance to keep them running in top condition.  Here at Mid Sussex Forklifts, we offer forklift maintenance across Sussex to help our customers keep their equipment in top condition.


If you own a forklift, it is likely to be a key part of your business equipment, used regularly and probably for long periods each day.  This means that it is a crucial part of the company infrastructure and you need it to run well.  Key to achieving this is regular maintenance, just like for a car or a van.  We handle servicing and maintenance for all models of forklift to help keep yours running in top condition.

As well as maintenance, we also offer repair services, 24 hours a day.  So if you have a forklift working night shift that is key to getting stock in place for the morning, one of our engineers can visit the premises across Sussex and take a look at the problem.  We aim to repair as quickly as possible to avoid downtime and delays.


As with everything, a forklift will reach the end of its life and then a replacement is needed.  When this time comes, we can help with a range of new and used forklifts.  


We also lease them if you decide that you don’t want to buy outright or don’t have the finances available for a purchase.  


That way you can keep using the forklift as you need it and simply break the cost down into affordable monthly amounts.  


We are happy to chat about leasing or purchasing options to help your business.

  • Maintenance Contracts

  • Experienced forklift maintenance services

  • Here to help keep your forklift running

  • 24 hour a day emergency repair service

  • Any model of forklift serviced

  • Help with replacing it when the time comes

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