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Benefits of Forklift Leasing over Buying

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When you run a business, there are lots of things that need to be paid for; equipment, staff wages, stock, insurance and building rent to name just a few. This can mean finances need to be carefully managed and buying large pieces of equipment like a forklift can be tricky. But what about forklift leasing? Could the benefits of this approach be just what your business needs?

Cost-effective option

For starters, when you look at forklift hire in Sussex you can quickly see that it is a more cost-effective solution. You pay a monthly cost for the hire of the forklift rather than paying out the full purchase price of the machine. And yes, second hand forklifts are a great option that cost less than a brand new one – but you will need to pay that upfront cost.

You can also include the cost of the hire as a business expense on your accounts. This will help with your monthly finances, allowing you to easily see the cost of doing business including the hire of the forklift. This can be helpful if you are considering a new venture or new business area that would require more equipment, working out the costs involved.

Servicing and maintenance is often included

Like any machinery, a forklift needs regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. Then there’s the cost of forklift repairs if something goes wrong. These can be big expenses if there’s a serious problem. But in most cases, when you lease or hire a forklift, servicing and repairs are included. That’s because you don’t own the forklift and the leasing company want to keep it in top condition to lengthen its lifespan.

You can easily change forklifts

So you realise the forklift you have isn’t big enough or powerful enough for the job at hand and you want to swap it. When you own the machinery, you need to sell it at the best possible price then invest in the new one. But with leasing, you can simply stop leasing one and start with another. Check the terms of the lease for any penalties before you set on doing this and make sure to see if you need extra forklift driver training for new equipment for your employees.

Flexible contract options

You can also look to lease the forklift for the period of time you need. Maybe you are doing a specific job for a one month period and during this time, you need a forklift. Or maybe you want to try expanding a new area for the business but are going to give it six months before making a decision on whether this would be a long-term option. Flexible contract options allow you to do this.

A smart business option

Leasing a forklift is a smart business option when you need a forklift but are unsure for how long or if you are in the position to purchase one outright. You can hire for short or long term and ensure you have the right machinery for the jobs you want to do.


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