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Forklift Driver Training

When you have staff using a forklift, it is very important that they are trained in the correct use of it – this is a legal requirement.  At Mid Sussex Forklifts we provide forklift driver training in Sussex to help you cover your responsibilities and ensure all of your staff are trained comprehensively in the use of the company’s forklift.​

Accredited training courses
Our accredited training courses are designed to ensure your staff not only know the basics of using the forklift but as much information as they need to use all of the features of it. This includes driving and operating the lifting equipment, the main safety concerns and how to reduce the risk of accident or injury when using a forklift.

We can train for all the types of forklift and you can either send staff to our centre in Crawley  or we can arrange to come to your business premises and host an in-house training course.  We will tailor the training to the types of forklift that you use to ensure all content is completely relevant for the equipment your staff will be using.

Follow up training
As well as training new staff when they first start to work for the company, we can also arrange to follow up training.  OSHA requires that all forklift operators and trained and certified but also that they have evaluations on performance every three years.  At this time, if you decide that additional training is needed, we can also arrange follow up training to ensure staff are up to date with the latest best practice and safety standards.

As forklift experts, we can help ensure everything regarding your forklift is correct – from the training of staff to the maintenance and repairs of your forklifts.


  • Accredited forklift driver training
  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Wide range of forklift courses available
  • Ensure all drivers are to a certain standard
  • Sussex based training centre
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